Rod Hockey is Making a Come Back

Join us for free drop in rod hockey twice a month on Tuesdays from  7 – 9pm at Wonderland Toy & Hobby, downtown Grande Prairie AB.

Next dates:

March 12, 26

April 2, 16.

Custom League Rules

 MPF-RHA encourages a custom fantasy emersion to the Rod Hockey experience.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own custom team.  Teams must be made up from Stiga figures with no modifications to the lower 1/2″ of the players stick and foot pin to ensure the ice level ergonomics of the table stay consistent.  Simple and easy ways to customize include adding marker or paint and, adding stickers or custom logos glued to the players chest.  A dremel tool and some modeling putty can up the customization to make unique faces or other desired features.  Three Dimensional Printing will be considered acceptable if the print is part of a conversion to an existing Stiga figure.   

 Some Stiga goalies look quite small in scale compared to the rest of the players, and so Bryan has altered above the lower 1/2″ to make some net minders more dynamic and proportional to the rest of the figures. Bryan also did not want to make them too big to have unfair advantages and tests out the different custom sculpts at the free to play nights at Wonderland where player feedback can be considered. It is not necessary to bring a custom team, Bryan has pre-customized teams available for play. He also sells figures that are prepped for a fresh coat of paint, ready to be your custom personalized and unique fantasy team. 

The History of The Sterling Cup

In February 2023 Bryan came across a mint condition Stiga table at Value Village and a vision came to him, a revitilization of the hobby game with a fresh look.

Now to understand the dream he had for this rod hockey arena we have to go back a little further… 

The Bricks

Growing up, our owner, Chris and his buddy Mark had created a comic book called Pep Squish. Pep’s antagonist was a ratty little mean spirited dude who had a burly enforcer named Ceramko. Ceramko was a hockey player, who Chris felt was always throwing bricks. Chris drew a little brick on his jersey to represent this, and the Bricks were born. While the comic book was lost but never forgotten, The Bricks stuck.

Fantasy Rod Hockey

When Bryan saw this Stiga table he knew he had to make the Bricks home arena. He spent months fully customizing the Jim Throton arena to be an epic space for the fantasy league the Bricks played in as well as teams for them to play against. These fantasy teams are fully customized and ready to hit the ice. These custom teams include the Bricks (owned by Chris), the Royal Canadian Rig Pigs, the Great Auks, the Corona Bats (sold), Bashers, Bruisers, Michigan Ice Hogs (sold), Le Bloc, Sons of Frac, Snow Cats, and the Zombronies.

The First Sterling Cup

When Bryan came into another rod hockey arena from a generous client he decided to dive in head first and open up fantasy rod hockey to the community. He customized this arena into an outdoor rink and invited people to come to the Sterling Skull Studio for the first ever Sterling Cup Tounament in October 2023. Players used the teams Bryan had customized in this event and after a few hours of intense rod hockey games comprised of 3, 3 minute periods, the Michigan Ice Hogs emerged victorious to Claim the inaugural first Trophy.  

What's Next?

We are planning our second annual tourament for October 2024. the defending Michigan Ice Hogs are rumoured to return and claim another custom made Sterling Cup trophy.

There will also be door prizes! Last year, door prizes at the tournament included a signed Ovechkin puck, a tattoo gift certificate, A custom made Brett the Hitman Hart goalie with a Signed Hitman Photo and much more!  So make sure to stop by Wonderland on rod hockey dates to get practiced up.

An official league with standing tracking of wins and loses is going to get rolling for August and Steptember 2024. We hope to see you there!

Any questions email Bryan: